Turbo Technical Advice At TurboPACS

As the regions leading Turbo Specialists we are hear to help with advice on some of the issues you may be having with your  turbochargered vehicle and provide Turbo Technical Advice At TurboPACS.

Why US & How can we help?

We diagnose, fit and supply more turbos than any other independent garage in the region and we see lots of turbo issues and have the depth of experience needed to pin point these faults but most improtantly….. the route causes.
Its the most common mistake that garages make including main dealers !
The vehicle develops a fault with the turbo and iots inspoected briefly and its determined that the turbo is faulty…thats it !
A new exchange turbo if fitted and shortly afterwards a fault re-appears and again its checked and the turbo is found to be faulty….its usually at this point that the fun and games start..!
Turbo Technical Advice At TurboPACS makes sure that we pin point WHY…i repeat WHY the turbo failed….
It may help to put this into context…we find that in 80% of the vehicles that we evalauate that there has been a  route cause for the failure of a turbo charger…in other words in 4 out of 5 cars if the route cause for the turbo failure is missed or not pin pointed the new turbo will also fail.

So what ? The turbos coverd with warranty…

This is the mistake that garages as well as car owners make. A turbo chargers warranty is conditional and will not cover damage…and if the route cause is missed or over looked then the turbo will be damged and you will be back at square 1 with a large bill to pay and a car in the garage…so make use of our  Turbo Technical Advice At TurboPACS 
If your turbo charged vehicle is misbehaving call Turbo PACS first…if the vehicles not drivable we even have a collection service and well be able to get you back on the road FAST 
Vehicle repairs and maintainance
Vehicle repairs and maintainance


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