Turbo PACS digital Bike Dyno catering for bikers in Durham & The North East.


We have now installed a fantastic Fuchs BEI251 Bike dyno …without doubt the daddy of bike dynos, again with the intention of catering for owners who want to see the effects tuning might have on their bikes.

It has integrated cooling fans for the engine and back wheel/tyre together with exhaust extraction…making it the bike dyno to have. In addition we have upgraded the software and have integrated Air Fuel Ratio data logging giving us a window into whats ACTUALLY happen at any given rpm or throttle opening with your fuel settings and weather this is giving or taking power away…

Most Saturday mornings we have a 3 hour FREE open day for bikers wanting to pop their bikes on our superb Fuch dyno for power runs and some simple back to back testing if required.

Free Bike Dyno Mornings
Free Bike Dyno Mornings

We fit power commanders and remaps and a bike dyno session lets you see why its the measurement part of the equation that’s the really clever bit. We are able to set your bike to an optimised level and even utilise the advanced levels (per cylinder) tuning that the Power Commander allows !

Many bikers think that because their new bike is fuel injected that it somehow knows or can detect that you have fitted a full system.

It doesn’t in fact as fuel injected bikes are set up far more accurately from the factory, there is a far smaller range of fuelling flexibility as opposed to carbs. It means that fitting power enhancing parts, filters, exhausts etc will tip the fuelling over the edge and make it run lean (assuming the parts are any good), which in turn will create lean spots, poor response and can even melt a piston due to detonation.

ECU Remapping is now the best tuning option for the modern motorbike…think about it..being able to access the resident operating system and then make the changes to all of these as required to liberate the tuning potencial, rather than just altering the fueling has to make sense…

Dyno print out

We have experience of suspension set ups and contacts with many specialists out there. But don’t think that its only serious tuning that we get involved with…most people only want a can, or some help making the bike stop ! or handle properly and may be a service. We are still having fun with bikes and its this that matters…it generates enthusiasm which we think our customers like. Its a refreshing feature that allot of the bike world overlooks or has forgotten.

As mentioned because we work on cars and bikes, its amazing how many ideas can move from one area and visa versa. Not only can we help maintain your bike during those too short dry months but we can also help you over come any short comings you have with any aspect of its performance, and when the weather turns for the worst and your car is the preferred mode of transport we can maintain this for you also.

If this brief outline of our bike services strikes a cord with you then click on more info if there are any specific questions that you have or call us for a chat.

So for readers that don’t know what a Dyno or (Dynamometer) is?

A Dynamometer/Dyno is a device that measures force (torque) and power (BHP)

This measurement can be taken at the crank, the countershaft, or the wheels.  A crank bhp number is higher than a wheel bhp number, because each time you add another rotating part that the engine has to turn, you lose power! This is called frictional loss.

Most bhp numbers listed by manufacturers are Crank bhp.  Most aftermarket company bhp numbers are measured from the wheel.

PC Set up

In conjunction with these measurements we can also look at other parameters that alter when your vehicle is being driven, for example boost pressure from your Turbo charger, RPM, Inlet Air Temperature and AFR (your vehicles fuelling levels) along with many other areas.

This information then allows us to compare say the effect of fitting an induction kit or exhaust has had, and most importantly…advise you correctly of ways to improve your vehicle further, and if there are any reliability issues you should know about.

We are able to provide before and after print outs which are very helpful when comparing before and after results. Thats why this dyno is perfect for our needs and that of the vast majority of customers that we have through our workshop.

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