Oil Starvation

Oil Starvation
Oil Starvation

Turbochargers spin out over 240,000 rpm and operate in temperatures of 950°, and the bearing surfaces depend upon a film of high-quality oil to keep them apart during this intense operation. If you take this oil away, Oil Starvation occurs and the effects are disastrous and instant at 3-500 RPS that is rotations per second !, and can literally happen in the blink of an eye.

It is essential to ensure that the engine oil pressure, meets manufacturers specifications, and that the correct oil is used, and we would recommend a very high grade of fully synthetic engine oil. In addition to this we use various additives which improve the oils ability to with stand such high temperatures and maintain the oil film that keeps the metallic parts from making actual contact.

We find that the vast majority of turbochargers that we replace have some form of lubricant starvation.

So what causes oil starvation?

Low engine oil level in the sump

A bent or kinked oil feed pipe

Poor quality oil

Carbon deposits, causing a blockage in the oil feed pipe

Blockages caused by using silicone when fitting the oil inlet gasket

Incorrect oil gasket restricting oil supply

A blocked, damaged or poor quality oil filter

A worn oil pump

Not priming the replacement Turbo with oil during fitting and start-up

The engine, not being used for long periods, particularly in cold weather

Blowing injectors

Oil Starvation
Oil Starvation

To prevent oil starvation to your turbocharger

Do not EVER use silicone on oil gaskets.  It can easily become detached and block oil passages.

Do not use silicone on sumps if you and if you do never let any enter the sump itself.

Clean or replace oil inlet pipes to eliminate any carbon deposits or sludge that could restrict oil flow to the bearings.

It is important to check the oil pressure and oil supply to the Turbo.

Always use high-quality fresh oil and new oil filters, as recommended by the manufacturer, when fitting a new turbocharger.

Always prime new turbo

Oil Starvation
Oil Starvation

If you are in ANY doubt what to do when replacing your turbo or are not 110% certain you know why it failed then call us and let the experts do the job