Responsechips Remaps is Turbopacs prestige range of ECU enhancements with branches in Durham and Gateshead.

Responsechip Bench Tuning
Responsechip Bench Tuning

Responsechips Remaps are  Remap & Remapping Specialists providing high quality software upgrades.

Responsechips Remaps Are a Must for Customers who want to Unlock their vehicles Performance and Economy Potential with professionally developed software solutions.

So What Can We Do For You Then ?

There all kinds of options that can be included in what ever stage of tune you opt for subject to make and model.

Hard Cut Limiter

Responsechips Remaps
Responsechips Remaps

A Hard Cut Limiter programs the ECU to cut fueling at a set RPM (normally 4300rpm) making the revs bounce off the limiter! This is normally available for cars from VAG Group but we can consider other vehicles once we analyse relevant diagnostic data.

Hot Start Fix

If a pd Diesel engine starts easily and quickly when cold but struggles to start when hot, this is described as a Hot Start Problem.

These diesel engines are started by an ECU and not by the driver. Pressing the accelerator pedal has no effect during a starting procedure. Starting is actually controlled by a ‘starting map’ in the ECU and is based on starter/engine speed (rpm) and injected fuel quantity (iq).

Generally, the ECU will not allow start fuel injection until the engine rpm is above a fixed map value.

Such problems can occur from low battery charge, engine coolant temperature sensor faults or the starter motor itself.

However, the problem may be the actual Hot Start Map within the ECU.

Lambda/O2 Delete

Economy remaps
Economy remaps

O2 Delete remaps are for those who have fitted either sports­cats or de­cat pipes within their exhaust system and are subsequently having problems with the engine light being triggered due to emissions faults for error codes P0420 and P0430 (Cat efficiency). We can solve this problem by disabling these checks within the ECU map.
Launch Control

Our Launch control Software manages the amount of power to the wheels optimum traction is achieved.

From 2-4 MPH the RPM is limited to 2500-2750rpm. Once the pre-determined speed is reached the RPM Limiter will automatically move to normal RPM and from that point maximum power is allowed.

MAF Delete (MAF to MAP switch)

MAF deactivation is not recommended as it is a very important sensor for fuel regulation, but sometimes (normally on high powered tuned cars with bigger turbo/injector modifications) the MAF reading hits its maximum value and touches the maximum allowed voltage read by the sensor making a fault code in the ECU and places the vehicle into a safe mode (limp mode).

On vehicles so equipped, this alternative involves the use of a manifold absolute pressure, or MAP, sensor. The MAP sensor measures pressure in an engine’s inlet manifold. When coupled with

Responsechips Seat Remaps
Responsechips Seat Remaps

RPM data, and a table of volumetric efficiency over the operating range of the engine, the MAP sensor can be used by the engine management computer to calculate fuel requirements.

Speed Limiter Removal

Many vehicles are programmed with a top speed limiter. Our speed limiter removal software allows the vehicle to reach its top speed. However, we are mindful of international road and highway laws and take the opportunity to stress our service is intended for track use only.
Start/Stop Disable

Many people do not like modern Start/Stop systems (which turns off the engine every ­time they stop), but it’s becoming increasingly common on new vehicles. Normally, there is a disable button, but this has to be re­set every ­time the engine is restarted. With our Start/Stop Disable ECU remap, the function is disabled permanently.


Swirl Flap Removal

Intake manifold flap failures are common on certain groups of cars and are expensive to replace. Our software can be used as part of a flap removal operation without causing fault codes or engine management lights.

Economy Responsechips & Remaps, DPF removal, Commercial Turbo Diesel Remaps & Now Motorbike Remapping, Responsechip Remaps Can do it all.

Saving Fuel with Responsechips is essential when dealing with soaring fuel costs & DPF maintainance with Hydroflow is an area that is growing dramatically and we are there up front !

Responschips For Bikes
Responschips For Bikes

Remapping modern Petrol & Turbo Diesel vehicles for performance or economy or DPF removal, rarely involves chip removal, and even OBD remaps are destined to be a thing of the past. However as we have been tuning vehicle since the early 90s we have seen it all and chip replacement, OBD tuning and now on the bench tuning. The more complex the project the better.

If High Quality software is top of your list, then A Responsechip Remap is the sensible choice for you !