Walnut Blasting at Turbopacs

The perfect and safest way to deal with the carbon deposits that will be formed and forming in your vehicles inlet ports right now. Walnuts – yes walnuts.

Inlet manifold showing before and after results following Walnut blasting
The benefits of Walnut Blasting at Turbopacs

Performance, drivability and economy will gradually become an issue along with engine management faults as carbon deposits develop and restrict air flow into your engine. This is the trade off with the next generation direct injection systems fitted to most modern petrol and diesel vehicles.

Fine ground walnut shell for blasting carbon off
Walnut blasting media

What is Carbon Build up?

Carbon build up has been an issue on all combustion engines to one degree or another..

Most modern Petrol engines,and virtually all Diesel engines are now direct injection. This is fantastic for efficiency and economy, but a real issue with carbon build and up in the inlet ports.

Direct injection as the name implies injects fuel directly into the combustion chamber rather the inlet port. This is where the problem occurs.

Previously the fuel being injected into the inlet manifold would have the effect of washing the ports and therefore this problem very rarely occurred. With direct injection and a breather system introducing an oily fine mist we have the perfect ingredients for carbon deposits to form and then bake hard because of the heat generated in the combustion chamber. Check out the following video


So whats the problem with carbon build up ?

Have a look at the inlet ports – before the walnut blasting and after. There is a huge amount of carbon restricting flow and after its been hit with our Walnut blasting solution you can see that the change in volume is dramatic. As you imagine the before and after drive is transformed.

The carbonised ports are reduced in size  and incredibly uneven disrupting air flow and volume into the combustion chamber – so imagine skiing on smooth hard snow or over gravel ? you will get the picture. Removing the carbon deposits opens up the inlet ports and smooths air flow restoring performance, economy and driveability.

So how is it done ?

To get to the inlet ports the inlet manifold has to be removed to gain access and allow us to connect the Walnut blaster to the individual ports. Of course the inlet manifolds tend to be badly contaminated too , especially turbo diesels as the egr valves are pumping exhaust gases into the inlet manifold. Needless to say the manifold also get a thorough decontamination treatment.

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