Tuning ? Your budget is the only limiting factor when it comes to tuning your vehicle.

Performance Tuning Parts at Turbopacs
Performance Tuning Parts at Turbopacs

Tuning covers so many areas. It would not be possible to cover every area of tuning that we get involved in, therefore I will give you an idea of the sort of things that we can provide.

One of our customers wanted to get serious with tuning his vehicle a Subaru STI…the following is an over view of what we did.

Cross drilled discs all round with EBC red stuff pads, height adjustable coil over suspension kit. Full stainless exhaust system including tubular manifold, hybrid roller ball bearing turbo…sounds like a jet plane. Stainless steel crank, H-section con rods fitted with Cosworth forged pistons and rings (£600 a piece), gas flowed heads, with cylinder and bearing coatings, a state of the art water cooled intercooler and a complete in house re-map.. and much more. I think that this might give you some idea of how far we can go.

If you are looking for a complete engine re-build then call us and have a good chat, as we will be able to advise you of options you had never even thought about, what order to do things in and why.

Suspension Tuning
Suspension Tuning

The same goes for suspension and brake packages we can help pin point what would suit you based on your budget.

You might not want to go as far as some of our customers with you tuning project, maybe wanting a Flowed head, with raised compression and cams..which would need a budget of around £1500 plus vat or maybe a Hybrid Turbo with in-car Apexi boost management system for the same sort of budget. And there are some projects that we tackle that are smaller but great value for money…maybe a lowering kit or a stainless steel exhaust system…for less than £400 plus…vat. I think you get the idea….

There is another aspect of modern day tuning that is very rarely considered, being able to have control over the electronics and being able to measure what’s going on to make changes etc. Tuning the ECU software with one of our Responsechip ECU enhancements is one method of making changes to a cars ECU, which would be needed when getting serious.

Fueling will change at different loading points and ignition might need to be retarded in the case of Turbo charged vehicles and maybe advanced for normally aspirated vehicles when the heads have been flowed and /or cams have been fitted.

Determining what these adjustments should be is the really clever bit….This is Tuning

Our experience will ensure that you spend your budget on the correct products to give you the result you are looking for. We have done this day in day out for nearly 25 years years now, and there is not much we have not come across. Of real improtance is that we are involved in Motorsport from inception…so have the same passion and interests are YOU !

Bike Tuning at Turbopacs
Bike Tuning at Turbopacs

We do not claim to be experts in every field and with every make of vehicle, that’s impossible however we have built up relationships with many other specialists over the years and when necessary obtain expert advice from them.

This is a healthy and professional way of helping our customers when standard is just not good enough. It also helps to give our advice a real depth and helps you the customer to progress your performance enhancement desires when it might seem that there is nothing available or its all too expensive etc.

You’ll find that the best way to move your project forward is to have a chat with us or please feel free to contact us and ask any specific questions.