Hydroflow Carbon Engine Clean

The Class Leading DPF Detox – Totally Carbon FREE

Hydroflow Carbon Cleaning Cleaning Dpf filters on car with having to remove them
Hydroflow Carbon Cleaning Treat – Carbon free treatment

Hydroflow Carbon cleaning is essential when deposits build up over time creating obstructions and contamination of the engine internals, filters and sensor. This contamination can result in increased fuel consumption poor emissions, reduced performance, engine management lights to appear, and even turbo failure – at worst they can cause engine failure often requiring costly repair.

Did you know that only 25% of the fuel that is injected into the engine is used to generate performance from the engine!

The remaining 75% is wasted – generating heat, highly contaminant gases and carbon residues.

The Problem: ?

So Dpf Cleaning is essential. Carbon buildup over the course of a vehicle’s lifetime can cause a wide array of vehicular problems including: smokey exhaust, lumpy idle, flat spots, reduced throttle response, increased emissions, reduced MPG, DPF/EGR valve issues, sticky swirl flaps, sticky throttle body and sooted up waste gates.

In many cases, these issues can be the difference between an MOT pass and a fail. So essentially, the dirtier a vehicle is, the greater the effect a hydrogen carbon clean will have in restoring the vehicle’s lost performance and efficiency. Carbon build up tends to be much worse in diesels and high mileage vehicles however even on really low mileage vehicles there is incredible losses in power and torque caused by carbon build up. 

Hydroflow treatment results
Hydroflow treatment results

The Solution:

HydroFlow’s hydrogen signature, chemical free cleaning process has been proven to help reduce emissions and smoke for both Petrol and Diesel vehicles. The process can be carried out as part of a routine service, preventative maintenance or to clean engine internals as part of a fault finding process. The cleaning takes between 30 mins to an hour and can be completed whilst you wait.

Its totally carbon free, making it the ideal choice in dealing with carbon build up. Because its so effective we are able to recover dpf filters that even main dealers would right off.

DPF Cleaning
DPF Cleaning where we step into the picture

What Does It Actually Do Then ? And How?

Nasa HHo testing

So what actually happens when Hho com busts ?

HHO enters the combustion chamber and when combustion takes place breaking the HHo molecule leaving H+ ions which then react with carbon deposits and they are then converted into Hydrocarbon gases which are then expelled from the combustion chamber on the exhaust stroke along with the un-used hydrogen ions and into the cat and dpf filter…as the combustion chamber is cleaned more and more hydrogen ions are free to be passed down the exhaust and this is how the cat,dpf and sensors which are in turn cleaned.

Results of NASA’ s experiments with hydrogen in internal combustion engines
Direct from 1977 article by *NASA:

“Lean-mixture-ratio combustion in internal-combustion engines has the potential of producing low emissions and higher thermal efficiency for several reasons.

First, excess oxygen in the charge further oxidizes unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.

Second, excess oxygen lowers the peak combustion temperatures, which inhibits the formation of oxides of nitrogen.

Third, the lower combustion temperatures increase the mixture specific heat ratio by decreasing the net dissociation losses.

Fourth, as the specific heat ratio increases, the cycle thermal efficiency also increases, which gives the potential for better fuel economy.”


The benefits of Dpf Cleaning:

Removal of internal carbon deposits from combustion chamber.

EGR and DPF targeted and cleaned in situ and life span increased.

No need to remove a blocked dpf and risk MOT failiure

Immediate improvements in performance, throttle and turbo response and fuel economy. Check out our live customer videos

Turbocharger VNT mechanisms and waste gate targeted cleaned in situ

O2 and EGT sensors cleaned.

Fast turn around – typically just over an hour.

No chemicals

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