Turbo fitting – with a twist !

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At Turbopacs , we provide a cost-effective, high quality turbo fitting service for all kinds of turbocharged vehicles.

Working with everyone from individuals and performance enthusiasts, to commercial garages, independent showrooms and motorsport teams, we’ll ensure that your turbo is fitted, configured and tested to the highest standards.

Unrivalled experience

Whether you need us to fit a replacement or repaired turbocharger, or you’ve just bought a new aftermarket turbo, you’ll benefit from the same professional, end-to-end service, with all work completed to exacting standards.

Each and every turbo fitting is handled in house at our advanced facility by the same team of highly trained, talented technicians, who have decades of combined experience fitting, configuring and testing turbochargers on a full range of vehicles.

What Makes Turbopacs the Right Choice When Considering Turbo Fitting ?

We start with our detailed Route Cause Evaluation to determine what has caused your turbos failure. If this not completed then the new turbo is a risk of being damaged when its fitted too. We see more turbo related issues than any other garage in the region and see issues where others would not.

What do we do ?

Our Turbo fitting format always involves flushing your engine with a solvent based flush to free off any sticking rings and followers etc (when applicable) followed by the use of the very best fully synthetic engine oil and Friction 4000 (an oil additive) together with top quality filters and plugs etc. Engine management systems are checked for any existing or historical faults codes and the vehicle is road tested and anything that is flagged up is then reported to the owner.

New Turbos Massive Range At TurboPACS Serving The North East With Turbo Fitting Sertvice
New Turbos Massive Range At TurboPACS Serving The North East With Turbo Fitting Service

In practice, this means that your newly fitted turbocharger will be precisely configured to the optimum specifications and rigorously tested, so you get the most out of your vehicle in terms of both performance and reliability.

With top quality workmanship, exacting standards and extremely competitive prices, every turbo fitting is backed up by a 2 year guarantee (excludes motorsport turbos), so you can invest in our services in the confidence that you are in safe hands.