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Hybrid Turbos from the regions No1 Experts?

Hybrid turbos combine the quick boost response required at low engine revs, with the extra air-flow capacity needed for more power at higher revs –

Hybrid turbos are not a new idea. The industry started producing hybrids as long ago as the 1980s. Terms such as such as cut-back, 360°, screw-down and quick release have become common when choosing the correct “recipe”for your hybrid.



But what does it all mean?

For most road going cars, a standard specification, good quality  Exchange Turbocharger is sufficient. Hybrid turbos become necessary when significant performance improvement is required, normally on a modified engine. Most hybrid turbos  look identical to standard units from the outside and in many cases are a direct fitment. The changes occur inside, by using different aerodynamic configurations, both in the compressor and turbine housings.

Hybrid turbos
Hybrid turbos

Most turbocharged engines respond well to increased boost pressure, but only if the engine is modified to capitalise on the change. The same can be said of turbochargers. A hybrid turbos on a standard engine will provide small benefits, but will be more effective on a modified and tuned engine engine. Unfortunately, increasing the boost pressure also increases the internal loading within the turbocharger significantly. To compensate for this, an uprated thrust bearing is sometimes used, usually a 360 degree bearing . It has a greater bearing contact face to withstand the high loads, which would otherwise destroy a standard bearing very quickly.

We will occasionally specify a “cut-back” shaft wheel.

This is the main exhaust-driven turbine wheel inside the turbocharger. To limit its speed to acceptable, reliable levels, and to improve the airflow, the blades are “cut back”. This is a very high precision machining operation, requiring highly accurate grinding and balancing. The designed and manufactured VSR balancing machine ensures that exact limits are achieved every time, regardless of the vehicle to which the turbo will be fitted, from the humble Mondeo turbo diesel to a full works Group A’ Escort Cosworth.

Another way in which hybrid turbos can improve an engine’s performance is by improving response, or reducing turbo lag.

Choosing the correct hybrid turbo is where Turbopacs experience comes into play…….so just call and we will be happy to talk your project through with you….