The 7 Most Common Reasons For A Blocked Dpf

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Hydroflow Dpf Decarbonisation Treatment

Blocked dpf filters. Lets start by getting this important nugget of information out of the way – Blocked dpf – that is what they are there for. To collect particulate, fuel that has not completed com busted which is incompletely com-busted fuel.

They block and then com bust this particulate _ regeneration over and over in the back ground, as it would be impossible for any filter to simply collect particulate from the thousands of litres of fuel that you use.

So The Question Should Be – Why Is My Blocked Dpf Not Cleaning Itself ?

Its no good phoning around in a mad panic asking for your dpf to be cleaned or even replaced if there is a root cause behind the blockage which is often the case – in other words slow down, pin point WHATS actually preventing your dpf from cleaning itself, resolve that issue THEN have it cleaned and then you will end up with a good fix.

So what are the most common reasons ?

1. Frequent short journeys where the engine fails to reach optimum operating temperature. Traffic jams and winter weather dont help either.

2. The use of the wrong engine oil – low ash, low sulphur oil must be used on DPF equipped vehicles. Cheap servicing is a major issue.

3. EGR valve problems, such as stuck or fouled EGR components – EGR failure contaminates the inlet with oily “wet” residues, causing excessive dense soot loading.

4. Turbo failure – oil passes through turbo seals into the exhaust housing and the burnt oily residue enters the DPF, causing excessive dense soot loading.

5. The additive tank (if fitted) is low or empty – this can make any attempted DPF regeneration unsuccessful and can result in premature blocking.

6. Poorly maintained vehicle – along with sub standard servicing protocol and long term faults going unattended.

7. Dpf related sensors failing or not working correctly – VERY COMMON

Once The Root Cause For The Dpf Blockage Is Resolved Cleaning Can Commence

Soot loadings
Before Hydroflow treatment
One clean dpf filter
After Hydroflow treatment