Mitsubishi Blocked DPF filters
Mitsubishi Blocked DPF filters

Mitsubishi Blocked DPF filters is a very common issue that we encounter here at Turbopacs.

Turbopacs continue to help motorist who are running into the now common DPF light appearing on their dash with a permanent and reliable solution.

The Mitsubishi 3.2 Did is a vehicle that few wish to deal with as its very time consuming and complex however we have been tuning cars and bikes since the early 90,s and theres not much that scares us off !

Mitsubishi Blocked DPF filters
Mitsubishi Blocked DPF filters

Our process makes use of professionally developed software that not only deals with the trouble some DPF issue but transforms the vehicle into something far nicer to live with…here is some feedback from an owner who had had blocked DPF filter….

Mitsubishi Blocked DPF filters – So does it work ?

“Hi Marc

Hoping you are fine-and-dandy?

Just getting back to you, after returning to Nottingham last night…basically: it’s all good!

As I drove away from your Unit, it was immediately obvious that the car had been transformed. Whereas, there had always been a dead-band between 20-40mph, the vehicle seamlessly accelerated, for the first time. Once getting on to the A1, is was as if the Propulsion System had been exchanged. I had driven up to you, in an underpowered diesel and was now returning home with a Gas Turbine.

It was a struggle to keep the car below 60mph, in view of having the Bike and Trailer on the back. Additionally, I was registering in excess of 25mpg on the info display, which I’ve never seen before.

In conclusion: what a transformation! Thanks to you and your excellent mechanics the job is a huge success.

When I give it a run without the Trailer-I’ll let you know the results.

Thanks again, for a top-notch set of Upgrades.

Kind regards”


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