nw113dsc_1035_281 The Toyota Avensis 2.0 TD is a super car and has an even better Deisel power plant in it BUT its being held back by the dreaded blocked DPF filter that is fitted as standard. Keep driving it with a blocked DPF and eventually it WILL stop and you’ll be facing not only a DPF replacement at nearly £3000 but also a turbo charger and more !!!

Be smart…nip it in the bud and call Turbo PACS on 0191-3863422.

With Responsechips we are able to permanently remove this issue from your driving experience and give you more performance and better fuel economy. No more engine management lights or restricted performance and all at a fraction of the main dealers prices !!

Its best left to the experts as these vehicles are complex but the rewards are well worth it. nw113dpf2

We will remove the blocked DPF brick and delete the DPF function from your vehicle at a fraction of the cost of the alternative…and its all done within one day.

DPF removal is the only sensible solution to this problem…don’t hang around and put off calling us…you’ll only be causing more damage and a bigger bill !


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