nw61hot_turboTurbo Fault Diagnosis and repair

As the name might suggest we have had a great deal of experience with Turbo charged vehicles.

There is not much that we have not seen. Turbo repairs, diagnosing turbo related problems and fitting new RELIABLE units is now one of the largest parts of our business as we have grown to be the regions leading independent turbo specialists.

Over 20 years of experience has resulted in us being able to provide very accurate fault finding diagnostics AND most importantly route cause analysis followed by sensible solutions.

Should your Turbo need replacing we only use units that are balanced to a much higher tolerance than the industry standard and have genuine parts fitted. All the actuators are bench flow tested and we have that this recipe to be perfect for a reliable fix. nw61sr56_sr40

Its this particular area that we stand out in…all too often customers along with garages surf the internet for “the cheapest” unit they can find…and that exactly what they get.

A cheap unit and everything that goes with it !

Our goal is to keep your vehicle OUT of our garage!

So if you have a problem with your Turbo charger…its failed, you need a new one etc call us first!nw61fitting-guide

Dont risk fitting a new unit UNTIL we have looked at your vehicle…ask yourself can you afford to miss something and destroy that new turbo ?


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