Need a new turbo ?

Need a new turbo ?
Need a new turbo ?

With over 22 years of experience working on turbo charged vehicles, there is not much we haven’t seen.

Every type of turbo problem or fault, tuning and repairs…we have come across it…but the market is flooded with cheap sub standard turbos…copies made of cheap metal, units made of second hand parts cleaned up to look new (very common), and units which have not been balanced at all ! Can you imagine what you wheels on your car would feel like if they were not balanced ?

BUT before you start looking for a new turbo…its essestial to pin point the ROUTE CAUSE for the turbo failing…and 80% of all the vehicles we see have a CAUSE. This means that you run the risk of throwing your money away in repairing your vehicle !!!!

We diagnose, fit and supply more turbo chargers than anyone in the region…we have decades of experience in this area and we are on your door step…make use of it.

WHY US ? Why Choose Turbo PACS ?….nw55compressor-wheel

“we provide the correct balance between price and reliability and because we fit them you know your removing the lottery aspect from your Turbo purchase….if we fit them they must be good”

  • 24 month guarantee

  • New Inernals ! Not Reconditioned

  • Balanced to 165,000 rpm !

  • Increased reliability

  • Professional fitting advice

  • Honestly

  • Quality

Click on this link to learn how a turbo works

If you “think” you need a new turbo then why not contact us…we’ll be able to provide you with an accurate diagnosis together with an intelligent explanation of your fault and the options open to you. 9 out of 10 customers we see who have been to either main dealers or other garages and have been told “you need a new turbo” DON’T. With the average replacement unit, labour, oils, filters etc costing £800-1200 plus vat it’s a good idea to get it right?

If you have decided that your turbo does need replacing then DON’T get one from a supplier….why?

Because we fit so many units, reliability is the most important factor….bare this in mind when looking for those “cheap bargains”


We don’t just want to sell you one item we want to develop a professional relationship with you and demonstrate that you are in good hands and when your vehicle needs an MOT, bodywork repair, service etc it will be with us!

Our units are balanced to a much higher tolerance than the industry standard…why? It dramatically improves reliability and life span ! As we fit so many turbos to vehicles, many of which are quiet modern, it seems pointless fitting cheap sub standard parts that will result in US having to fit a new item under warranty…there’s simply no point !

Nearly all of the horror stories that we hear are of people looking for the cheapest replacement turbo they can find and either fitting it themselves or “a mate will do it for me”, being a common comment. The unit smokes, it leaks, the unit whistles, the wrong oil is used, it was not primed correctly etc etc and when a warranty claim is made, guess what? You’re not covered. It happens all the time.

Experience has shown us that if you fit quality items you have very few problems…cheap items are just that… cheap and actually the difference in  price is minimal ! Our job is to keep your vehicle OUT of our garage and on the road and have a superb life span on the parts we fit.

Check out our Turbo information pages

We are here to help you with what can be an expensive repair, and if your turbo does need replacing then its worth know for sure that it does, and that a tried and tested replacement product is fitted by professionals who know what they are doing.

Contact us now for all your turbo problems.


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