responsechip dpf removal
responsechip dpf removal

Mazda 3,5 & 6 DPF removal…in fact all Mazda turbo diesels with a DPF fitted can how be completely removed!

We have been remapping the Mazda range from the moment they hit the road and are UK distributors for Cork sport and also Piasini Engineering. We have developed into independent Mazda specialists and attract owners looking for a sensible tuning solution, but with quality and professionalism at the top of their list.

It’s really important to digest the previous comments for a moment when considering that a replacement DPF filter costs £1700 plus vat and we have seen these blocked in less than 12 months. In addition the DPF filter has temperature sensors etc fitted which total more than £1500 plus vat!

It’s very easy to get it all wrong!

There’s not getting away from the issue that removal will attract a cost however it’s far less then the alternative and of course there lots of benefits.

No more limp mode and visits to the dealersnw82105599857

No chance of a blocked filter in the future

Improved re-sale price on your vehicle!

We are always more than happy to discuss your problem and particular requirements…even after hours as we are particularly sympathetic to this issue. Our contact number is 0191-3863422.


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