Toyota Lexus Tuning Now Available!!!

Toyota Lexus Tuning
Toyota Lexus Tuning

Toyota  Lexus Tuning now available at Turbopacs.

The protocols for Toyota and Lexus have just been released and we are pleased to say we are able to provide tuning for most petrol and diesel engines from the Toyota range. For many years these two manufacturers have essentially been off of the main stream tuning list. With ECUs that could not be accessed and then tuned…a real shame as they produce some impressive vehicles, buts all over.

Its been along time coming however its started and the range of vehicles that can be enhanced is growing as development continues. Toyota & Lexus Tuning is

Toyota Lexus Tuning
Toyota Lexus Tuning

a great addition to our Responsechip range and of course DPF removal along with EGR deletion with stages 1 & 2 tuning options to choose from are all falling into place.

If its fuel economy or performance you can choose which would suit you best. Many people tow caravans etc and its always helpful if theres some added performance on tap on those steep hills. Other commute to and from work and fuel economy is a real priority.

We are particularly comfortable with these vehicles ECUs which involve some complex soldering in order to connect to the units eprom to read and then modify. With DPF issues increasing being able to tune these fantastic vehicles is becoming a real must when providing a reliable solution.

These vehiles have some impressive tuning potencial and its really worth unlocking it with increased fuel economy as well as just plain and simple driving enjoyment.

Quality has and it king here at Turbopacs and you will be delighted with the results. You can call us for a friendly chat when we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.



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