Yet again Turbo PACS has invested in the future.nw101img_2415

First with a superb hybrid digital Car Rolling Road which caters for cars together with a superb data aquisition suite for detailed data capture. Its gone down really well and compliments many others aspects of our business. Its really accurate and allows us to verify the results of our tuning when we fit our sensational Responsechips.

To compliment this we have a huge fan…its essential to keep cars cooling in check and is an area that not often catered for.

On the back of this we have now installed a fantastic Fuchs BEI251 Bike dyno…without doubt the daddy of bike dynos, again with the intention of catering for owners who want to see the effects tuning might have on their bikes.

It has integrated cooling fans for the engine and back wheel/tyre together with exhaust extraction…making it the one to have.nw101dsc_1035_281

Bike owners tend to have cars and many car owners have bikes…its complimentary and we are able to provide great advice to these automotive junkies and the hardware to back it up

We have been involved in Motorsport since we started and had our first Turbpacs trackday only last week with cars and bikes attending…making this a common sense move. Before that we had a great club open day…slight caotic but great fun….looking forward to doing more…

Please spread the word and feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have on 0191-3863422


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