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Toyota DPF Solution Fixed at Turbopacs
Toyota DPF Solutions at Turbopacs

Toyota DPF Solutions at Turbopacs –

Here at Turbopacs in Durham we can successfully delete Toyota DPF filters from your Toyota or Lexus.

From your Avensis , Auris , Rav 4 or other Toyota models to your IS220d we can help you get back on the road.

Toyota DPF filters other wise known as (DPF filters) become blocked – it’s a technology fitted to most diesel cars and it really doesn’t work. The only long term reliable solution is removal which offers a highly cost effective solution to the alternative which would be a new replacement costing in most cases well over a £1000, or cleaning your Toyota DPF filter which we have found is relatively short term solution as it becomes blocked soon after cleaning.

If your Toyota DPF does become blocked you’ll notice a limp mode which results in a lack of functionality and then the ECU attempts to clear the blockage through regeneration. Regeneration? Really! What this really means is the vehicle if successful dumps the product the DPF has collected back into the atmosphere!

The damage caused by you blocked Toyota DPF filter will spill across to other engine components, further racking up costs.

The answer IS preventative maintenance.

If you have a Toyota Diesel Particulate Filter fitted to your vehicle you WILL have issues with it at some point.

Really people sort the problem before it becomes far more involved and far far more expensive….

Today we have just had a Mazda CX5 2013 plate vehicle brought in with 31,000 miles on the clock. Twin turbo version with a blocked DPF and snapped shaft on one of the turbos! Retail price of the Turbo is £2340 plus vat! Oh and there’s the cost of the DPF etc etc…!!! I think you’ll see the point…

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