DPF Mot Testing 2018DPF Mot testing May 2018

DPF MOT testing May 2018 are coming.

The the proposed changes to the tests that will be performed at MOT are coming into force from May 2018 with a number of quotes from the Department of Transport and DPF manufacturers…….

“We expect future changes to the MOT emissions test for diesel vehicles, due to come into force by May 2018, to make it easier to detect vehicles with failing or removed DPFs.”

DPF filters have been fitted to diesel vehicles since 2002 and currently there are 36 million vehicles on the road many of which are diesels.

The DVLA say that 1,800 cars have been caught without a DPF since 2014! A fraction of the actual number.

The issue surrounding DPF filters, their functionality, reliability, replacement costs along with the consequential damage they have caused to other components on the vehicles they are fitted too are all issues which have yet to be fully explored and debated.

We anticipate that there will be without doubt many millions of cars with dpf filters that are not functioning correctly or have been removed prior to these recent changes being announced, and predict a rather lively debate !

Predicting this, we have invested in a new hydrogen gas technology that allows us to recover blocked dpf filters whilst still installed in the vehicle – its incredible

Hydroflow allows us to convert H2O in Orto Oxyhydrogen gas a form of hydrogen, which we introduce into the vehicles combustion chamber via the induction system with approximately 1800 liters of gas being combusted over a one hour deep cleaning session.

Its completely carbon free, which makes perfect sense when removing carbon based deposits, producing a significantly cleaner and hotter “burn” than a conventional regeneration effectively creating the ultimate regeneration event, allowing the clogged soot to burn off and restoring the dpf to a functioning filter.

Since its introduction we have found the Hydroflow carbon removal process to be extremely effective in resolving DPF and EGR faults and allows us to provide a much faster and cost effective solution to maintaining the operation of a dpf filter or freeing it up once it has become blocked. You can see on a video section of this site, You Tube and also Face Book numerous LIVE customer reviews with their personal feedback following the Hydroflow DETOX treatment.

Completely blocked dpf filters can “recovered with this incredible equipment, making it invaluable to many owners when their dpfs cannot be cleared by conventional regeneration methods or dpf removal which is no longer a viable method.

Hydroflow keeps us ahead of the curve in relation to these proposed changes at MOT and now allows drivers to maintain their dpf filters and in cases where they have become blocked have them cleared, making this a fast and cost effective solution to what in many cases can be a very expensive fault to resolve.


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