Ford Transit Remap Responsechip

Extremely popular vehicles, but customers are working smarter now and are wanting to get at the performance and economy potential that’s locked away.

Getting to this in a professional way that gives the right results is not really that common…with the market place swamped with sub standard software supplied by over night experts!nw102transitla10lepreport_copy

Turbopacs based in Durham the cities olderest tuner, supply the very best software and remaps (Responsechips) for discerning drivers. Weve been doing this for over 20 years and have a superb digital car dyno to examine our results, and others ! and this has now been joined by a motorbike dyno ! we belive we are the only specialist garage in the UK with a car AND bike dyno !

We fit the very best software upgrades and get superb results…not just great peaks but over most of the usable RPM range and in particular in the low RPM where you are most of the time!

nw10296_copyA recent example was a Transit 2.2 115bhp version, which went on one of our Dynos (we have 2 now) and surprisingly saw exactly 115bhp. These ECUs adapt once programmed however we saw 152 bhp immediately after tuning and this increased to162bhp a week later. Fuel economy improved by 14% overall and the vehicle drove as though it had been made that way by Ford.

Call us on 0191-3863422 …we are always happy to help you with the questions


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