FREE Bike Dyno sessions here at Turbopacs in Durham City right next to Tesco…

FREE Bike Dyno Sessions so what does it involve ?

If you fancy coming along just send us an email or a message on Face Book so we know to expect you…

The atmosphere is great at our FREE Bike Dyno Sessions and we are able to discuss not only peak power and torque figures but also the shape of the curves…with many riders having after market exhausts and power commanders fitted…very few though, with them correctly setup.

Its loud and i mean loud and its simply great…and we see everything from monkey bikes putting out 5 bhp through to some of the new BMW1000rr monsters with over 210 bhp at the wheel !

Of course we often see bikes that have faults. Power Commanders set up poorly, after market parts that cost owners power as well as ignition faults…

FREE Bike Dyno Sessions
Bike Dyno at Turbopacs

FREE Bike Dyno Sessions In Durham most Saturdays…follow us on Face Book

Our FREE Bike Dyno Sessions are on most Saturday mornings…weather permitting. Well pop your bike on one of our 2 Fuch dynos and perform a number or runs until we establish a peak figure and its all FREE…all we ask is that you let us know your coming. Our dynos have integrated exhaust extraction, comprehensive cooling of the bike and also the rear wheel. Bikes are secured on the dyno by means of a hydraulic clamp that holds the front wheel making the whole operation of putting and bike onto the dyno a simple task taking seconds. Taking it off after the full power runs is the opposite and makes these open mornings viable.

If you have some cans you would like to test bring them along as it makes the mornings even more interesting.



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