nw90turbo_pacs_dyno_2New Dyno at Turbopacs

We have had the best 3 years in the last 20…and December was our best month ever! And during the most difficult trading environment in recorded history!

Why ?

It seems that sticking to your guns when it comes to quality pays! Good quality products, and the experience to know what works and what does not…

When many have no more imagination than “well be the cheapest” especially on the remapping front, we have continued to provide highly developed tuning solutions and attract customers who value quality over price. If you don’t believe in your own products who will!

The knock on effect from this has been that we have invested in our business again, and said goodbye to our old Dyno and upgraded to a much better item.

Its really accurate, producing bhp and torque readings mated to a superb data acquisition package. Well also be typically logging, rpm, and boost pressure, AFR ratios for petrol and diesels as well as intercooler outlet temperatures.

nw90picture_020We’ll be able to cater not only for the Durham area but also the North East as a whole, with performance figures provided for all vehicles visiting us.

Well keep you updated as we get to know her better…..feel free to call in or call us for a chat about how we can help you with your vehicle on 0191-3863422


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