thumb_pr352engine-repair-install-crankshaftPrice Range: Call for advice & a price
20 years of tuning has taken us into all kinds or interesting areas of engines and vehicle modifacations.

From a blown head gasket through to a full engine re-build. From a standard engine through to steel crank,H-Rods,DFL coatings to pistons and bearings,balaned crank,flywheel and clutch assembly, comp head gasket,gas flowed head with bigger valves and race spec cams etc…weve done it.

What i really think we have to offer though is balaned advice….even when at times you might not like it. We wont encourage you to pursue a repair or tuning project that will end in tears.

What ever engine issue you might have start by calling us first and simply have a chat…on 0191-3863422.