A very popular vehicle, a prestige vehicle however when they require replacement turbos its quiet involved !

Land Rover turbo replacement is what we do. Established in 1994 Turbopacs – small family business, now has 2 branches – one in Durham and the other in Team Valley Newcastle catering for drivers in the North East.

Land Rover Turbo fitting

Time and time again we see vehicles in with botched repairs. Why ? Well its because most general garages do very limited turbo related work – typically 1-2 turbos a year and they simply do not or cant pin point the root cause for the turbo failure. In many cases we see second hand units fitted or cheap Ebay specials which ” a friend” fitted.

The end result in many cases is a botched repair, more expense and inconvenience, all of which could be avoided if you had used a specialist like us.

And If your vehicles has broken down we can have it collected – just click on the link below

land rover turbo vehicle collection
Vehicles collected so we can repair your vehicle

With Land Rover turbo issues becoming more common due to their age and popularity its not more important then ever to work with an expert in this area.

These vehicle in particular are labor intensive to say the least, with the bodies having to be lifted off of the chassis to gain access to the turbo chargers etc. This is not for the faint hearted and certainly not for the many general garages. We have seen many example of cheap fixes and they are appalling. We Turbopacs you will know that this is what we do, its our specialism.

Everyone is trying to save money however there comes a point when its simply penny pinching. We are able to supply genuine OE spec units at a fraction of the price of a main dealer unit and surely that is what its all about.


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