Rolling road
Turbopacs Rolling Road

A Rolling Road is an essential piece of equipment when it come to tuning your vehicle or completing a performance upgrade.

Rolling road ?

So What does a Rolling Road Do ? It allows us drive your car statically and measure its bhp and torque at the wheels together with many other parameters at different load points throughout the rev range as required.

As vehicles have become more complex we now use equipment in conjunction with the rolling road to measure accurate fuel data, throttle position, rpm, boost etc in search for that ideal performance upgrade.

There’s no getting away from it…its complicated but we keep pushing forward with new developments and equipment which is passed on to our customers helping you to achieve your performance objective.

Once the car is strapped down, a high flow fan is put in front of the vehicle to keep things cool whilst under load, the run can start.


Fuelling, boost levels or ignition settings might be too high or low at different points…requiring alteration which can take the form of a Response Chip or even one off files (a Response Chip modified to your car/bikes specific needs).

Separate ECUs or piggy back modules are also used on various applications to allow these changes to be made. It is quite an impressive sight to see your vehicle strapped to the rollers with sensor outputs and wires all over the place monitoring just about every aspect of your cars performance.

Before and after gragh
TurboPACS Rolling road before and after gragh

In addition we use the rolling road to allow us to pin point various faults that only manifest themselves when on the move, maybe under light throttle or when boosting hard and once again, we couple up our diagnostic suite, to monitor component performance under load etc.

On a day to day basis the rolling road allows us to produce a before and after reference gragh showing exactly what has been achieved with a remap or say an induction clean…its a superb piece of equipment thats the starting point before tuning your car or as part of a fault finding excercise.

Any questions…feel free to ask..