Safety-InspectionTurbocharger failure evaluation is a science unto itself and we specialise in getting to the route cause BEFORE a repair is undertaken…the key to a reliable and professional repair.

Get this bit wrong and you are simply throwing your money away as the failure will most likely repeat itself.

Performing a detailed failure analysis on a turbocharger is not just valuable but essential regardless of the application. Turbos are applied to everything from commercial diesels to most modern vehicles and professional competition vehicles.

Is your vehicle is smoking, lack of power…its making a funny noise, engine management light is on ?. These can all all be caused by faults that are not turbo related.

So many garages depend on diagnostic equipment alone…they plug in and what ever its says is wrong MUST be wrong!!! It would be great if it was that easy.

Turbo PACS have been Turbo Specialists since 1992…we know what we are doing when it comes to diagnosing turbo faults and route cause faults too, such as blocked DPFs problems, boost leaks etc…

We will examine at your vehicle and give you a professional assessment that might include diagnostic faults, dyno run readings, road test report, videos and pictures of failed parts etc…what ever it takes to arrive at the best possible evaluation and then  a solution to get you back on the road..

If your engine is turbocharged, the turbo itself is the heart of the engine. All of the engine’s intake air enters through the turbos compressor, while the exhaust turbine end sees all of the exhaust gasses turning very much like a water wheel. and the engine’s lubricating oil runs through the bearing system. A properly performed turbocharger autopsy can reveal a great many things about the turbo system, the engine’s overall condition, its maintenance routine, and even issues regarding the quality of the turbo and supporting turbo system dynamics such as intercooler and boost pipes through to DPF and EGR valves.Turbo-Repair

Many who sell and service turbochargers cannot perform an accurate failure analysis. That’s what makes us Turbopacs the perfect choice when you have turbo problems…

To many people, the very concept of telling which part of the catastrophic failure was the cause is extremely puzzling. This includes many mechanics and garages, however, just as medical experts can perform an autopsy on a cadaver to determine the cause of death, our highly experienced and professionally trained technicians can analyze the turbocharger’s components and the vehicle as a whole including a chronological in put by the owner and discover the likely cause of failure. In this way, Turbopacs Route Cause Evaluation can be invaluable to indentify the sequence of events and therefore avoid a repeat failure. It’s a must do procedure and should be on the top of your list.

We charge £60 plus vat for our detailed evaluations and if we then complete a repair for you we waiver the fee!! a win win situation.

While there are many types of turbocharger failures and reasons for these failures, the law of 80/20 applies as it does to most statistical situations. About 20 percent of the failure reasons cause 80 percent or more of the failures that occur. While there are certainly some very confusing failures that can be puzzling for even the most experienced mechanics, most reasons for failure can be conclusively determined so that corrective measures can be taken.

At Turbopacs it’s our daily bread and butter business…

It’s possible to make the mistake of looking at one failed component and draw an early conclusion incorrectly. This is without doubt the most common thing that we see….fitters looking for a broken part and simply spotting it and then replacing it.

This often happens when a failure begins in one place, moves on to the next part and the next, until there is significant damage throughout the turbocharger. Then determining which came first can be the difference between a correct and an incorrect determination of route cause.

719440061Our motto is simple “Doing Things The Way They Should Be Done” that means that before any repair is even contemplated you have to be absolutely certain that the route cause has been accuratly pin pointed. Getting this wrong will turn an already bad situation into a night mare..


We are here to help you…we diagnose, fit and supply more Turbochargers than anyone else in the region and because of this we can you back on the road FAST…make use of us…we are always happy to help so call us today.

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