Lowering Springs

Lowering Springs – Its what it says on the tin..or so you might think.

Lowering Springs


Always go for a quality set of springs as many of the cheaper options have different spring lengths and settings. And if your not sure then just send us an email of call us and well be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Lowering your vehicle with a set of lowering springs lowers the center of gravity and increases the camber giving weight to the steering and less roll when cornering. This is all said with moderation in mind…going too low can have negative effects on tire wear, handling and ride comfort..

Lowering springs have been designed to lower your car between 25-35 mm in most applications…some a little more and some a little less.

Lowering spring spring kits allow you to get the car low and still retain a certain level of driver comfort as there should always be sufficient suspension travel to allow the dampers to do there job….all too often going too low uses up the damper travel and we have seen vehicles with less than  1cm of travel !

With a quality set of lowering springs you,ll get…

12 Month Warranty

Over 13000 applications and the list is growing constantly

Manufactured from high tensile steel

A sporty look by lowering the car from 25-70mm

A progressively firmer spring characteristic with increased spring compression

Balanced driving comfort within the normal driving range, progressively more sporty towards the operational limits

Secure driving dynamics

Less lateral body roll and diminished spring compression during acceleration

High dynamic load capability

High quality corrosion protection

Aesthetic improvements the look of the vehicle..often ride heights look far too high.

Once again always feel free to contact us here at Turbopacs when it comes to purchasing a set of lowering springs…we have the experience to guide you through this mine field..

Lowering springs before and after
Lowering springs before and after