Camshaft Kits

Camshaft kits from Fast Road to Full Race…but which ones right for me ?

Camshaft kits
Camshaft kits

Over the years we have found that PiperCams have provided us with superb backup and the results to go with it…extracting more response and performance from turbocharged and normally aspirated vehicles

The following list should give an idea of what some of the figures actually and what you can expect to get with a camshaft kit…

All cam part numbers start BP

BP255 (Approx 255 ° duration) Very mild road cam where low end improvements are needed

BP270 (Approx 270 ° duration) Fast road cam for use in otherwise unmodified engines

BP285 (Approx 285 ° duration) Top fast road cam for use in hot hatch and modified road engines

BP300 (Approx 300 ° duration) First stage competition cam, ideal rally cars, short circuit where some mid range is required

BP320 Top race profiles

Piper Cams have been designing and manufacturing performance camshafts and exhausts since the late 1960’s.

Their continuous investment in state-of-the-art machinery has kept them at the forefront of profile design.

For some years now they have focused on CNC cam grinding equipment to complement their CNC workshop facilities, all of which allow them to hold the very closest tolerances.

To complement their camshaft kits they offer a complete range of:

•Cam kits
•Adjustable vernier pulleys
•Performance valve springs
•Spring retainers
•Timing belts and chains

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