Alloy Actuators

Alloy Actuators
Alloy Actuators

Alloy Actuators Manufactured from Billet aluminium, and the Forge adjustable alloy actuators are a two part assembly that will allow servicing and maintenance as and when required. It also alloys for the fitmenet of different springs allowing for different turbo applications and boost pressures.

It also allows for rod adjustment to suit the customers individual application and helps with the tuning process.

An Alloy Actuator is supplied with stainless steel turn buckles where applicable and all components are guaranteed for life.

These actuators are built with a predetermined actuator spring suitable for slightly above factory set boost levels. The actuator can be assembled with a stiffer spring upon request depending on application.

These alloy actuators are designed and built with the intent of increasing the boost output of a turbocharged system.

We cannot guarantee compatibility with all applications, nor the ability to increase the boost output beyond a level that is within the parameters set by the engine-management-system of the given vehicle at the time of installation, whether that system is factory or aftermarket. Whilst the actuator viavacuum control regulates boost pressure there are many other factors than can and do impact on this issue, however all being equal a replacement actuator provides better boost control and is up to the job in hand.

For more information and advice on fitment and application just contact us and well be happy to help. What ever your application its worth having a chat with one of our team who will be able to take ou through the options and benefitting an upgraded actuator and how its done. Some replacements require the removal of the turbo charger itself which can be quiet a job andof course setting the pre load is important too and shouldnt be over looked…


Whats preload ? call us on 0191-3863422 and well explain it too you.