Mot checks are about to change or at least thats what we are being told. Dpf filters have been around for a very long time now and they continue to be a real problem for drivers. When they become blocked which most do at some point there are limited solutions available.

DPF replacement is in most cases extremely expensive and can cost up to £2000, rather concerning on a vehicle with less than 50,000 on it…something we have seen many times.

Dpf removal – its not illegal for us to do this for you but with the proposed changes no longer viable and costing at least £500 to complete with software programming required. Some tuners are claiming to be able to solve this issue whilst leaving the dpf in place. Dig into this a little more and youll discover they are drilling holes through your dpf !

Our solution takes the form of our Hydroflow Hydrogen Decarbonisation treatment which we introduced just prior to the announcement earlier this year. Its the most cost effective solution there is, has been 100% effective to date allowing us to recover a totally blocked dpf back into its own regeneration range provided all the vehicles sensors are functioning correctly.

MOT DPF changes now expected in May 2018