Alloy Radiators



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Great quality alloy core radiators for improved cooling and reduced weight.

A great range of high quality alloy radiators which not only look good and save weight but also have a far greater cooling capacity than many standard radiators.

Consider for a moment that for every 1 degree over optimum operating temperature your vehicle runs you will have a 1 bhp drop in performance!

With the problems with the original radiator where the plastic end tanks can crack or leak from their joints, an all alloy fully welded and braised radiator has to be the solution. Our proven construction techniques, using one of the best cores available with alloy end tanks, provides increased longevity and you are no longer waiting for the inevitable failure. Whether you’re spending time on the track, use your vehicle in a warm climate or simply want to reduce those high temperatures when caught in traffic, this has to be a worthwhile purchase

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