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The North Easts Leading Turbo Specialists since 1992 on 0191-3863422  Turbo PACS Ltd as the name might suggest is a long established (1992) Turbo Specialist supplying, turbo diagnostics & route cause analysis new and reconditioned turbos, and turbo fitting, as well as Remapping & DPF Removal & DPF cleaning.

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We are  located in Durham City in the North East of England and are equipped with 2 Dynos…one for cars and one for motorbikes….what you would expect of a passionate and committed tuner. We diagnose, supply and fit more new and recon turbos than any other garage in the region making us the number one choice when having turbo problems supplying and fitting recon turbos in Sunderland, recon turbos  in Chester le Street,  recon turbos in Darlington, recon turbos  in Middleborough, recon turbos  in Newcastle and recon turbos in Durham.   Our area of expertise being Recon Turbos, New Turbos, Hybrid Turbos, ECU remaps and chips along with DPF removal & DPF cleaning, along with a massive selection of top quality stainless steel exhausts. We have become an independent Mazda specialist and attract custom from around the UK as we are able to remap the entire range and provide a very specialist DPF removal service for them along with a huge range of tuning parts.,/ We have a superb new Digital Dyno and Rolling Road for cars along with a Fuch Dyno for motorbikes and this draws great interest from many drivers and riders alike with Remaps in Sunderland, Remaps in Chester le Street, Remaps in Darlington, Remaps in Middleborough, Remaps in Newcastle. In addition to Turbos, Remaps, stainless steel exhausts and DPF removal, we have developed a massive range of performance car tuning & performance parts, superb service provisions and extensive prestige remapping & DPF removal service via Response Performance Chips which Turbo PACS developed, and of course most vehicles are put on the Rolling Road to establish a base line. Our scope of general cars repairs including servicing is vast with Car Repairs in Sunderland, Car Repairs in Chester le Street, Car Repairs in Darlington, Car Repairs in Middleborough, Car Repairs in Newcastle. This highly professional based established over many years extended gearbox and clutch replacement with Clutch Replacement in Sunderland, Clutch Replacement in Chester le Street, Clutch Replacement in Darlington, Clutch Replacement in Middleborough, Clutch Replacement in Newcastle   From our back ground as the region’s largest Superchips dealer we have developed the remapping, chips & stainless steel exhausts with Milltek in Sunderland, Milltek in Chester le Street, Milltek in Darlington, Milltek in Middleborough, Milltek in Newcastle, and DPF removal known by many names such as ECU remapping, chipping, turbo diesel remaps and car remapping as well as DPF removal, DPF delete & FAP Filter removal & DPF Cleaning and are UK main dealers for a number of overseas specialist companies. The area we have become known for has been Mazda DPF Removal, Nissan DPF Removal, Jaguar DPF Removal & Land Rover DPF Removal. High quality new and reconditioned turbos and turbo chargers for all makes of vehicles along with stainless steel exhausts, be it petrol or turbo diesel, are catered for, and we have a superb turbo diagnostic and fitting service. If you have a problem with your turbo, DPF filter, or car in general, then we are the people to help you. We patiently talk you through your DPF filter or Turbos problem and provide you with a quality and detailed solution. If you are having turbo problems, a noisy turbo, a smoky turbo, loss of power from your turbo, or you’re just not sure about the turbo charger on your vehicle, we can provide you with an answer. 0191-3863422

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